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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Perfect Rules To Compliment A Woman To Chase You

If you are good at complimenting women, then it neccesarily means you have an upper hand than most of the guys who approach her. Complimenting a woman is like a double edge sword. You sweep them.of their feet if you're able to do that. It can be a little awful sometimes since the woman might not give the neccessary attention but rather identify you as a "bad boy." Most girls are prone to hang out with guys who keep complimenting them no matter what, others also dislike that trait of a guy. They see the guy who just do that as another "chump." There are some complimenting rules you need to follow if you want to see more women in your inbox. Let's skyrocket the 3 rules of compliment that would make you a better Alpha Male.

Rule 1 - Don't Compliment About The Obvious

Mastering the art of flirting and complimenting goes hand in hand. You need not to compliment like the other guys. Have a special way of doing it. "You look very beautiful" this is a compliment that women have heard over a thousand times. You can divert yours a bit by saying the striking resemblance she has with her role model or female celebrity. This would sparkle some attraction in her and label you as a good guy who makes her happy.

Rule 2 - Compliment The Existence

Most guy with their inability to sweep a woman off her feet goes by complimenting her of something that doesn't exist. Who does that? Be real to her and don't compliment of something you both know she doesn't have. You can try complimenting her on her new jewelry or earrings and that would make you stand out. Complimenting the existence and not the obvious.

Rule 3 - Attractive Compliment

The attractive your comment is, the more the chances of getting the woman of your dreams. Compliment in its natural way tend to linger the minds if those who hear them. They feel very special if it is specially directed to them. The magic power behind it is that, anytime she thinks of it, it put her in the right corner and make her feel for you affectionately. Be very affectionate in your speech with women and you would never regret if learning that.

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