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Leaked WhatsApp Chat Between 2 Boyfriends Over The Same Lady Will Make You Laugh

A leaked WhatsApp chat between two men dating the same lady will make you laugh.It is natural to see two men fighting over a lady but this one is different.They talked about diving into equal,an amount requested by the lady among themselves.The boyfriends look like relatives to the lady and not lovers.Too funny.One of them even claimed they are doing that for the culture.

One of the boyfriends is named Mr Raphael and the other Mr John.The chat between them went like this;

"Good evening Mr Raphael"

"My name is John"

"Hi, evening John,how do you know my name?"

"No argument,we are both in a relationship with Ujunwa"

"And what has that got to do with my question,who are you.How did you get my number?"

"Well,she needs 250k for house rent, how much are you willing to bring,becos na me and you dey use that room".

"Lols, I like your kind bro.50/50".

"Deal, thanks man,we are doing this for the culture".

"One bottle for you".

Content created and supplied by: Rashnews (via Opera News )

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