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"Make Women chase You" - 3 Indelible Tricks To Be Irresistible To Women

Wow, this era of dating sphere has been characterized by guys chasing women all over even when their proposals are been rejected. It is time as guys we use the reverse psychology to make women us rather having us fall for them. As cunning and simple creatures, there are certain things that spark incredible attraction in them when they see a guys possess a specific trait. Yes, it is actually possible to draw the attention of the crowd when you visit a place or enter a room.

You don't need to be a perfect Instagram model with good accessories to make women chase you. It's a matter of you understanding women and using that to skyrocket your chances of having more dates with women. This attractive skill can only become possible when you constantly practice the indelible tricks to be attractive to them.

1. Have The "Bad Boy" Attitude 

Yes, guess you surprised when I said you need to have the bad boy attitude. Being a bad boy does not characterise you to be a guy who do not have respect for women. They take advantage of every opportunity to make their dreams of having more women around them become a reality. Whether you like it or not "bad boys still rules." It such an interesting fact since women keep falling for bad boys because of the authentic confidence they possess.

2. Hang out with beautiful women

This really works very well. When you are surrounded by beautiful women, people tend to have a perception that you are so cute and attractive to have such women around. A guy who is not mostly seen with beautiful women is not considered as attractive. Have you noticed that women are interested in guys who are already in relationships than those who are not. It is a natural reflex and it happens all the time.

3. Provide A Listening Ear

Women loves someone who knows and understands their fears. They don't need a coward to be around with. Prove yourself as a gentleman by providing an attentive ear to whatever she says to you. Become the rock she can lean on in times of difficulty when nobody seems to help. Draw your line up plan in your gradual process with your dream and you would be very surprised about the outcome. Give yourself a chance to do something beneficial.

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