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Husband and wife relationship

He Spanks Me Every time I Ask For Chop Money: Woman Narrates Sad Account Of Her Marriage. [Fiction]

The journey in marriage has proven to be a bitter one indeed. Many people have shared story of how their marriage ended in tears. Today, a woman whose identity is anonymous shared a sad story of how her husband constantly abuses her whenever she asks for "chop money".

"I got married at an early age of 17 years. My parents advised me to wait for some time but the love I had for my husband, then my boyfriend, blinded me so I went ahead to marry him without the consent of my parents. Initially, we had a happy time as he clearly gave me all I wanted. For one week, we went out to enjoy and have a feel of marriage life. He made it clear to me that he married me to be a housewife and nothing else. Meaning, he wanted me to stay in the house and do absolutely nothing. Obviously, it sounded nice in my ears so I blindly stayed in the house doing nothing. Thus, I clearly relied on him for everything; clothing, jewelry, food and even common water. After a year of marriage, he started exhibiting some attitudes which got on my nerves easily. It is true that he gave me all the things I needed for survival but all things aside, he treated me as a worthless slave. I did not get the freedom I wanted. He banned all my social life as he told me not to entertain any of my friends into our matrimonial home. Subsequently, he stopped giving me money for housekeeping and money for cooking. That notwithstanding, he always asks to be served food whenever he closes from work. This is a very sad development but I must say, he spanks me whenever I make an effort to ask for food for upkeep, I am tired", Woman sadly narrates.

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