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I Need Time To Put Myself Together

A man like me don't know what to eat when there is money to buy food, don't know how to sleep meanwhile there is a room with a bed in it and don't know what to do for others for please them.

I will need time to consider myself and the people I care about, finding the most interesting and important things that will benefit us in our lives rather than to adopt something before finding for its benefits. I need to relax to prevent accidents.

As we always know that time is money, so as money is time. A little more time to save myself some amount of money in my account for emergency activities will be needed, I must be able to decorate my room with the basic things a man will need to survive and I must think of my income as a whole.

Looking at all these things, I will plead for your understanding that time is needed for me to put myself together before I make this move.

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