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Feeling lonely in your relationship? Here are possible reasons why

Feeling lonely is very common in every relationship that has lasted for two years or more. It is absolutely normal to be having 'ups and downs' in a relationship. A relationship without fight isn't always right. The topic of feeling loneliness has been occasionally raised up a major cause of relationship failures.

So what then is loneliness?

It is a feeling of being alone and unwanted. The feeling of being unsupported by your partner is very common. It is uncommon for your partner to tell you that they are genuinely feeling lonely in a relationship (especially for a man to admit that he's feeling lonely) . But if your partner does, it might be time to start making the difficult conversation with them.

There are several symptoms of loneliness, and some include poor communication, developing feelings for other people other than your partner, feeling of being unsupported and etc. This is what causes most infidelity in relationships.

So if you find yourself in such a situation or you see these symptoms in yourself or your partner, it might be time to speak to them or see a counselor. Because if things are left unsaid it might result in a broken relationship or having an affair outside your relationship.

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