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How To Interpret Your Girlfriend's Body Language

1. Watch her posture. Posture can be very revealing. Much of communication is made up of non-verbal cues. Sometimes people don't even realize they are communicating this way.

If she is learning into you or toward you, even slightly, it probably means she is more open to a kiss.

On the other hand, if she is leaning away, that's a bad sign. You should also pay attention to the direction her feet are pointing. If they are pointing away from you, it could be a sign she is looking for a chance to leave.

Does she move away when you move slightly toward her? This is a test you can use to measure her body language interest in kissing you. Subtly create more of a zone of intimacy and see if she complies or moves away to diminish it.

2. Study her hands. Women will use their hands to touch things or show femininity if they want you to kiss them.

If a woman plays with her necklace, she's probably into you. But you should take this act in context. If she also has other body language that is open to you, that's a better sign because sometimes a woman is just nervous.

If a woman is playing with or twirling her hair, it's a sign she wants you to find her attractive and is flirting with you.

If she touches something else, like a glass (running her fingers over it), in even a somewhat sensual way, that's a good sign.

3. Wait for her touches. If she has touched you recently, even in small ways, this could be her way of creating more intimacy in the hopes you will kiss her.

Even the slightest of touches show desire. That means it's a good sign if she brushes her hand against your knee or arm.

Touch probably means she wants to get closer to you. It's an even better sign if she touches your face.

If she softly, playfully hits you on the arm, she is trying to create a playful vibe with you, which is a way that women flirt.

You could test her out by touching her slightly first to see how she responds. For example, brush your feet against hers under the table and see what she does. Another technique is to touch a piece of jewelry she has lightly (earrings, necklace), and say you admire it. If she smiles and is OK with you moving closer into her space, that's a good sign.

4. Spot whether she has open body language.When taken together, is her body language closed or is it open? If she has open body language, she is not trying to erect barriers between you.

Signs of open body language include arms at the side, body tilted toward you or facing you, eye contact, feet pointed toward you.

Signs of closed body language include arms crossed over chest, feet or legs crossed, feet pointing away from you, body tilted away from you, and minimal eye contact.

How much personal space is she leaving between you? If it's not much, she's already open to an intimate connection with you on some level. This is a good sign for you.

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