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2 Things You Should Never Do To Your Girlfriend.

Life is full of surprises and promises, but if you don't do the right thing then kindly don't blame anyone for it. There are so many things you ain't supposed to do.

However, there are two things that I'll talk about and to you give my little advice on are:

1.) Never Make Her Cry.

Love is love, every woman deserves to be loved and happy. If you don't make your woman happy today things are not going to be good at all. Never lay your hands on your lady because ladies are so special and expensive, but they have a soft heart to accept things easily.

If you're the God of your woman, She'll always be happy with you whenever she is with you.

2.) Never lied:

Why do you have to lie to the person you love? No matter what will happen between you and your woman, never lied because if you do, she'll surely find out the truth. And your woman finds out everything that you've been hiding from her, nothing can change her mind and you can't either. Keep your words positive no matter what stay to the truth.

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