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10 Ways to make a woman think about you.

There are numerous ways as a man to make a woman think about you and have you in her mind all day. If you're in a relationship, or you're just starting a relationship. I am sure you want to know those things you can do to make your partner miss you or think about you all day. This can only be possible if you know how the woman's mind works. As a man, you can make a woman miss you if only you give her reasons to.

Here are 10 ways you can make a woman think about you.

1. Never take her for granted.

The first step to take as a man if you want your partner to always think about you is if you don't take her for granted. As a man, when you're faithful to your woman and always there for her. She will always think about you whenever you're not around.

2. Treat her well.

This is also very important. As a man, when you treat her like a queen, you claim she is. Then she will also treat you like a king. As a man, if you want your woman to always think about you, then you should always treat her well. Women cherish men who treat them right.

3. Don't talk too much about yourself.

Some women don't like men who always brag about themselves. So as a man, you should not always talk about your job promotion or how much money you have. 

4. Be someone who is fun to be with.

5. Spend some time apart.

As a man who wants his woman to think about him. You can't achieve this if you're always at home with her all the time. 

6. Don't act desperate.

7. Don't try to keep track of her all the time.

8. Be reliable.

9. As a man who wants his partner to think of you. It is advisable you give her something special to remind you of her.

10. Call her every night before going to bed.

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