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Intimacy In a Relationship: 5 Essential Ingredients

Intimacy means different things to both men and women. For some men, it means getting down wet and sweaty, while for some women, it means being open and sharing a lot with their man. You can try out some of the ingredients below to increase the intimacy level that exists between you and your spouse.

1. Communicate

How do you leverage intimate moments to get intimate with your partner? This is when you can talk to your partner about your thoughts, not just on a surface level but on a deeper level. There is nothing like focusing on each other, holding each other up, even if you have to watch TV together. When you talk, you share your thoughts and feelings. When you stop sharing with your mate, you begin to drift apart.

The key to increasing intimacy is to dialogue more and share how you feel. You know you have hit the mark of greater intimacy when you are open and clear with your spouse about your finances.

2. Make your mate a top priority.

A look at your to-do list can make you shiver because there is so much to do with little time. Want to create more time to build intimacy with your spouse? Check your activity log and decipher it. It would help you monitor the number of activities you engage in and also help you evaluate the level of energy you expend.

Creating time is what couples have to keep working on. As time went on, his health began to suffer. Then, he realized he focused on a fraction of what mattered and left his priority.

4. Collaborative play

There are some fun things couples do at the weekend that you can learn from. Try to break out of the routine and discover ways you can get more intimate with each other. It could take some exercise or playtime together indoors or outdoors to get some energy back into your relationship.

4. Show off your freakiness

In the early days of my marriage, says Maria, it never happened between us, especially when I was not in the mood. As time passed, I realized it was one of the ways to keep a man, and I had to give myself a pep talk while also discussing it with my man.

5. Show gratitude to your companion.

Some couples wait till the end of the year, Valentine's Day, or even their wedding anniversaries to show appreciation for their spouses. Some say, why should they say thank you when they are only carrying out their responsibilities? If you want to increase the level of intimacy between you two, then learn to appreciate your spouse. I asked a couple of friends for the most romantic "thank you" they ever got from their spouse, and these were their responses. Like I always say, it doesn't have to be dramatic. The motive is what counts, but if your mate means much to you, then you will go all out if you can afford it.

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