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The Following Are The Reasons Why After Having Sex Him or Her, Things Are Going Wrong.

Sexuality refers to the total expression of who you are as a human being, your femaleness or your maleness. Our sexuality begins at birth and ends at death. Everyone is a sexual being. Your sexuality is an interplay between body image, gender identity, gender role, sexual orientation, eroticism, genitals, intimacy, relationships, and love and affection. A person's sexuality includes his or her attitudes, values, knowledge and behaviors. How people express their sexuality is influenced by their families, culture, society, faith and beliefs.

Sexual intercourse is designed by the creator for reproduction and also enjoyment by couples. Sex solve a lot of problems among marriages.

It is very true that most people both youth and old sometimes experiences some disorder in their lives after having Sexual intercourse with another person.

Sex have its spiritual implications and anyone you sleep with become one with you in soul. This is called soul ties. This means that, after having sex with someone, any bad spirit that is in the persons life can also torment your life also. If the person you slept with is tormented by demons that demons will torment you also after having sex with them. Be careful with the people you sleep with.

May God deliver you from every wicked spirit that is tormenting your life because of someone you slept with in Jesus Name.

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