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You can't possibly do without these people in your life

What will we do without them? They are kindest, most purest form of love you can ever receive. Can you guess them already? They are our dear grandparents.

What's really cool about them is that there were there before our parents were even born. They know so much about our parents and even us. I can even say they know us better than our parents since they've lived longer than them.

Who remembers the tasty meals Grandma prepares? Or the never-ending fountain of bedtime stories stored up in Grandpa's mind although he is forgetful of almost everything else.

Who remembers how our grandparents scold our parents like children for making us cry. They have interesting ways if making their grandchildren lessons without even making them shed a tear.

It's always a joy to have vacations at Grandma and Granpa's place. The only difficulty is when we have to pack and go back to our parents. The truth is I wish I never left.They also never want me to leave but they know I will to go to school.

It is always hilarious when Grandma tries to speak English. After long bouts with the language she bursts out laughing and there's always that sweet piece of advice. "Don't be like me child. Go to school and speak English like the white man. But don't forget our local dialects too"

Guys, please you share some childhood memories of your grandparents in the comments section.

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