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Men: Do This Simple Thing and She Will Literally Worship you.

Nice guys always end up last. Women want their men to be dominant, masculine and unapologetically firm. That's what they look out for in men. Cool and easy going guys appear very boring to her. She doesn't want such a man as her sexual partner. She wants the rough tough guy. If you give her too much attention and beg her always at the slightest of mistakes it only makes you appear weak to her. She wants you to show dominance and masculinity. Do you think being nice, giving her attention, buying her gifts makes her love you!? Hell no! She loves what you provide for her and not you.

She will keep you the weak man in the game because you are simple and you fear losing and will do anything she asks so you are within her control radar. It's natural that women like such men, but in actual fact despise them. She wants to feel like you are in charge, she wants you to be her boss. She doesn't need you to be emotionally available to her. She wants leadership, she wants to see that you can lead her. You always rely on her validation to feel loved.

Being emotionally available to her makes you look weak, she wants a man who shows unapologetic masculinity and dominance. Relying on her validation makes her distance from you. You would have to beg her for sex, attention and any other thing you can think of. Those are Beta male traits. You treat her like your boss and that's why she will treat you like an employee. Treat her like a celebrity and she will treat you like a fan. You can't blame them, it's only natural!

When something is all over you, you easily get tired of it. What you feel you have to work to keep is what bothers you. She works to keep the attention of the tough guy who doesn't even make time for her and maybe even irresponsible. That is the kind of trait she loves. She wants the aggressive type and you are weakling, you are always there for her consoling and begging her even when are right.

You will be thinking, "Ah! What's wrong with me?", "What do these ladies want at all!?" "Don't they see how caring and calm I am!?" The simple answer is she had it easy with you she doesn't like that. She wants the hustling and bustling type of relationship and will want to have the best sex experience with the hyper kind of guy who will always end up cheating with other girls. She wants that competition, she wants to know that other women are coming after you, but she has you for herself. The settlement she wants with that kind of guy is just delusional because such guys will never cool down for her.

On the other hand, here you are always crying and begging her to be with you, always agreeing with her just to feel validated by her. Sorry, you are nothing but a weakling to her. As they tend to grow older and older she realizes that the Alpha male has nothing to offer her and that she is on her own and that's risky for her. She then decides to open the door to you the Beta soft weak male and you will always be there to welcome her back with all the emotional damage, kids, and drama.

She is now riding on your soft and weak nature so you can take proper care of her and her kids if there are any. Nonetheless, she knows you are not the aggressive type and she can always have her way with you. She can cheat on you with the Alpha male who left her damaged because you are soft and not sexually aggressive and you will end you just crying over her again. Stop drooling over women, it only makes you look desperate and needy. Be the kind of guy she wants to have sex with, not the one who cries and begs for her attention and she will literally worship you.

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