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6 Types of women you should never date.

Sometimes men ask or wonder what types of women they should never date. As a man, I know this can be a bit difficult, but it is very necessary you understand that there some women who you have no option but to let go.

Here are 6 types of women you should never date.

1. A woman who never admits or says sorry when wrong.

As a man who is looking forward to settling down or getting into a relationship, it is very important that any woman who feels too big or sees no need in saying sorry whenever she does something wrong is a reg flag. Because it is no big deal to say sorry whenever you do something wrong that needs an apology, this makes your partner know you're sorry for your wrong doing. And also help in building up a stronger bond in the relationship and also guarantee a healthy relationship.

2. Closed-minded women.

This is very important and second on the list. As a man, it is very important you let go of such women. Because it is not advisable to be in a relationship with a partner who keeps secrets. It is very important you know more about your partner and also how they feel. A woman who is closed-minded can be uncomfortable with because you don't get to know much about her.

3. Women that always compare you with other men.

This is very important because your peace of mind really matters in a relationship. A woman who is always comparing her man with others can't be that good companion you have always wanted by your side. So a woman who is always comparing you to other men is a red flag. Because a responsible woman will always encourage, support and plan ahead with her man. Such types of women who compare their men with others won't make a good partner. Instead, they might end up disrespecting you just because you no longer meet their expectation.

5. Negative women.

As a man, it is very important that you should still be positive at all time and avoid women who are always negative. Because as a man, a negative woman can corrupt your thinking or push you into doing something you might regret later. So as a man, it is very important you surround yourself with a positive partner, a partner who will always encourage you, not leading you astray.

6. Women with the mindset of whenever that loves me must accept me the way I am.

Especially a woman with bad behavior who has refused to change for good. And always have this mindset that anyone who ever loves her must accept her with it. Because nobody wants to be in a toxic relationship or with a woman who has bad behavior and refuses to change. As every man wants to be with a woman who is respectful and always open to learning what her man is expected of her. So any lady with such a mentality, it is advisable to let go of such a lady.

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