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Netizens react after a woman advertised a strange product for women on facebook.

Netizens were left perplexed today after a woman appeared on Facebook to advertise a strange product, allegedly meant for women to attract and keep their dream men. She dubbed the product "Mede beye adie beads", a twi sentence which translates to English as, I will use it for something. The said advertiser who go by the Facebook name Obaa Sima Gh confidently assured her female advertisees that, the product was 100% effective.

Primarily the waist beads are worn by females to know when they are putting on weight and know when they are losing weight. Alternatively it incites sexual appeal, but Obaa Sima Gh sounded in her advertisement like the beads contained some powers which can make it work extraordinarily. Her strange advert recieved some reactions from men who came across the post and got some of them confused. Have a look at the post and reactions. 

The widespread hardship in the country means one needs to hustle hard to make ends meet and this has instigated some ladies to opt for a much simple approach to making money, thus offering sex to men for money. The practice has been rebranded lately and the participants now call themselves slay queens. In order to boost their chances of success in this illicit endeavour, some go to the extent of seeking spiritual assistance from traditional preists, which is mostly referred to as "for boys".

This powers act as spell to enable them attract rich folks or men of their choices effortlessly. This comes as an advice and makes it imperative for men of today, to be circumspect with ladies they hook up or enter relationships with, in order not to fall victim. 

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