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Why Most Women Prefer To Stay Single Nowadays And Only Have Children Without Getting Married

Singleness is no longer to be sneered at. Never marrying or taking a long-term partner is a valid choice. The word spinster is still freighted with pity and misogyny, yet the number of women living this way is growing. Nowadays people don't fancy marriage some women prefer having children and not getting married for variety of reasons we will be discussing.

1. Accomplishment

Many single people have told me about the special things they have been able to accomplish in their lives that they may not have been able to achieve if they had been married. singles value life accomplishments on average more than married individuals do.

2. They don't wish to deal with the stress and anxiety of marriage

Marriage can be painful and stressful for some. And some women simply decide to not put themselves through all that pain and stress. It's absolutely normal that these women don't want to be hurt. 

3. They enjoy other things in life

Single women who love being single don't need a man to have a fulfilled life. They have other things in life to keep them happy. Traveling, going out with friends, flirting with random people, chasing a successful career is what excites them more than being in a relationship. Everyone has different priorities and conventional married life just doesn't seem to be a priority for some women.

4. ​Men benefit from marriage

Dolan takes reference from this same study and explains that men ‘calm down’ after getting married, take fewer risks, earn a higher income and live longer.

5. ​What about women?

Coming to women, he indicates that marriage takes a toll on their health and they are healthiest and happiest if they do not get married or have children.

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