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Chronicles of How My SHS Relationship Ended in Premium Tears.

The whole mood for Senior High School is weirdly different. It’s total fun for many especially when the preparation is complete for enrollment and it’s time to leave the comfort of your home to advance your high school chapter.

For many, they can’t have a good sleep because they feel proud and fortunate to get the opportunity to go to a boarding house. It has always been home and school, but the senior high level gives accommodation.

For me, it was a mixture of both joy and worry. The home was good, but school was also a necessity. The few days on campus was quite awkward because everything was new to me. It was time to make new friends and if possible, find a girlfriend.

The adventure of learning and growing both physically and emotionally was quite thrilling. I was the quiet type but very trendy. I was good at dancing but didn’t manifest that because I was afraid of getting famous for stupid reasons.

One day, the school prefect summoned a couple of guys, which I was among, and instructed us to dance. I was reluctant but upon enormous pressure on me, I made some wild moves and that grew much attention to me. I was invited to dance at entertainment, church service, among school prefects and sometimes among girls.

The fun and fame got the better part of me and I decided to settle on a lady I was crushing on. I mean, who would deny my proposal? I soliloquize.

One fine Saturday afternoon, I chanced on my crush -Judy sitting alone under the shades close to the school park. I sat right next to her and engaged her in a conversation. She was lovely and her smiles will make anyone dumbfounded. Luckily, she was also interested. Wow!

Full of joy and verve, I went to the boys’ dormitory and told my friends the bold and good news. Fast forward, vacation time, she followed me to the house and I guess she was impressed with the beauty of the environment.

Our love and communication aggravated to greater heights and so was my fame. On my way back from Saturday breakfast, I was called from one of the classrooms and upon reaching there, I saw Grace sitting half-naked at the corner of the classroom. Well, I was mesmerized and stunned by the gesture.

Getting close to her, she dragged me on her right thigh and started having an erotic conversation with me. I was answering her questions but her left thigh was irresistible to ignore. We kissed for a long and that was the genesis of my second relationship on campus.

Shy, famous and a cheat. Those were the best adjectives to describe my behaviour. As you know, the SHS campus is a small world that news travels faster than light. The news broke out and it wasn’t rocket science considering how Grace occasionally kisses me in public.

Judy was green with envy when she discovered the unfortunate turn of event. We had plans and I was jeopardizing everything. A term before our final year, she was invited by her uncle abroad to join him in the States. Judy travelled heartbroken and abandoned me altogether.

Grace went ahead to date the new dancer (our junior) who appeared more hairy and handsome than me.

I wept in (as Anita Akufo would say in Date Rush) premium tears.


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