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4 Special Habits Of Wives Who Always Have Money

The Bible says wisdom is a principal thing so we should get wisdom. Many wise wives are very rich because they understand the fact that it's not how much a person makes, but how much the person spends and how much he or she saves.

What every woman being married or not should have in mind is that whatever a wife need for herself can be purchased by herself. All that she needs to do is learn how to keep money in her bag or save at a bank.

Now let's unveil 5 perpetual habits of wives who never go broke.

1. They never spend money on things they don't need

It obvious that many wives live all their lives on their husbands 24/7. There's never been a day that such wives have ever bought anything for themselves before. The reason being that they spend all that they earn and given to them by their spouses on unnecessary things. 

Some wives buy expensive items like hair wigs without even fitting on themselves first at the shop they bought from. They will later come home to try and realizing it does not fit their faces well, will either give it out or pack it in their bags. Such wives have a whole lot of items purchased wrongly and being packed in their wardrobe and suitcases.

One funny thing is because of their high class lifestyle, they also feel shy to bring those items out to sell to other people. So they either give to people who have more than her as a gift or pack it without using it.

But this kind of wife I am talking about will never ever use her money for those things. She will make sure she buys only the things that are needed, then will save the rest of the money for future when necessary. 

2. They keep looking for extra income

The Bible says money is a defense and truly it is a defense. There are a lot of wives who think what they earn from their salary is enough because they have husbands who will cater for them. They see marriage as a business venture so therefore they never plan of looking for any resource.

But the wives who always have money will make sure she runs some other businesses according her financial strength. Some of them if they live in a compound house or a neighborhood where there are children, they will make sure they sell some items that children like. Some of these wives will also sell things like clothes, shoes, bags, perfumes to their coworkers on monthly credit basis. 

So by the end of the month they take double salary, thus their regular salary and and also from the items they sold to their coworkers. So these kind of wives get extra income for their personal use without going to ask the husband for money. And most importantly they towards their future.

3. They are not men pleasers

One other habit of such wives is that they cut their coat according to the size of their cloth. These wives are too wise to the extent that they don't see life as a competition but as a completion. 

They never rob shoulders with any woman at work, Church, neighborhood. They don't buy funeral cloth because that is what every one is using on that day. The truth of the matter is no one is a competitor for such a wives.

Because they don't live their lives to please anyone they only buy things that are needful and save any other extra money for tomorrow use.

4. They set up a budget

In life wives who are not thinking of being rich aside what their husbands give them set up a budget for anything they need to buy. They get money today and they spend all to buy things she might not even need of it.

But this type of wife who never want to go broke sets up a budget for herself in every step that she takes in life. And she makes sure she buys nothing else aside what she has budgeted for. 

She understands the fact that if you want money, you need to accumulate money. Simple put they always spend less than they earn. 

They take life into their own hand, and they actually make it in life becoming rich by the end.

These simple steps will surely help any wife who will follow. What do you think about it? Please comment, share and visit to read more from me. Thanks for reading.

Content created and supplied by: Mamafranca (via Opera News )


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