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Your relationship is doomed to fail if she spots these on you

It is normal seeing a circulating video every month about a man or a young boy crying bitterly over an incident of heartbreak. Many men are literally being dumped for other men just because they are not doing some things right.

For some of them, their story is very saddening because no matter how hard they try to impress their girlfriends, they end up being dumped for other guys. In this article, I am going to talk about what most men do in a relationship which usually ends them on the path of heartbreaks. Lets go straight into the points I compiled

1. Being broke

Most women love money and will easily betray the relationships for a guy with money. There is no doubt this life is literally centred on chasing money to make a comfortable living. The world is fixated on getting enough money and for that matter, I wouldn't say that women love money because everybody loves money.

2. Not putting in much effort to make it in life.

You may not have money but a woman might decide to stick with you when she sees that you are really putting in the effort to make it in life. Lazy men will always get women moving away from them.

3. Not giving them much attention

Women love men who give them attention and so, you must be very careful if you are always busy. Whenever she asks you for a little time with her, no matter how busy you are, kindly find time to be with her alone. If not, someone else will be giving her time which means your relationship will start shaking.

4. Little or no pampering

Treat your woman like an egg and see the duration of her sticking with you prolong.

Women need to be pampered and for that matter, giving her a harsh treatment is it going to make her leave you eventually.

5. Not giving your best performance in bed.

This is very important in every relationship, just don't settle for less when she gives her body to you. Make her feel like a queen.

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