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Why Do Men Chase After Married Women? - 41-year old wife shares her story

Why Do Men Chase After Married Women? - 41-year old wife shares her story

The question my pastor, Very Rev. Dr Osei Bonsu of the Mt. Zion Methodist Church asked this morning during church services, has been the subject of discussion as many pointed to the wrongdoings of most men. Of all the wrongdoings which were shared by married women in the church, the one that got me was the epistle of Mrs Mariam Afriyie, the wife of a teacher in the church. With Mariam's permission, I am sharing her story.

Mariam was walking down the Asylum Down in Accra when a man of her calibre approached her and asked her out in 2001. They became friends from that day and started studying together. Marian was a student at Accra Academy at the time and Jojoba Afriyie was a final year student at Accra College of Education. The two started a friendship and Jojoba even helped Mariam with the subject she was failing, and by that help, she was able to graduate with distinction in her final exams. Jojoba taught Mariam all the subjects she was failing when Mariam herself wasn't ready to learn, but the man encouraged her and she was able to give her best which made her move from a dull student to a brilliant student.

They got married in 2013 when Mariam was still at the university. It was Jojoba who paid for everything Mariam needed to help herself secure a perfect learning environment at the university. Mariam graduated with first-class and went into law school at Legon in 2014. Jojoba again took it upon himself and encouraged his wife to learn hard though she was pregnant, and still gave her all the financial help she needed to make sure, she came victorious. Mariam came out as a lawyer in 2017 and passed the bar exams in 2018.

Because of her advanced understanding of criminal and libel cases, she won a contract to join a leading firm in Accra which had branches in Kumasi, Sunyani, Tamale, Cape Coast, Tema and Bolgatanga. Mariam made trips from time to time because of the branches she needed to pick cases from and resolve them. She spent most of her time outside in hotels as she was either away from her husband in Accra or was on working duty. 

All these helped her to gain access to a lot of acquaintances who decided to try their luck on her, knowing perfectly she was married. Her ring was always showing on her finger, and that still didn't allow the men to stop asking her out. Many thought she was the cheap one to be bought with money and went the extreme length of sending her tons of banknotes just to have her. Mariam in all this never once or twice did cheat on her husband. It was Jojoba who saw Mariam when she was nobody in secondary school, pushed her from her failing class, tutored her for free, made her passed all her final exams with distinction and paid for her first degree and law school before she became who she is today, but because of her current status, a lot of married men, single men, and even seriously dating men were all ready to give her everything and have a piece of her.

She never gave in to all these demands and pressure from these men and that made her become a volunteer to share her story to empower the other women when the Pastor Very Rev. Dr Osei Bonsu brought the subject of cheating men and married women. Out of the numerous women who volunteered to help mentor other women, Mariam's story graced the auditorium as many applauded her for her courage. She is a lawyer and the wife of a teacher who has fought countless men who want to be with her despite her been married.

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