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5 Questions A Woman Should Ask Before Sleeping With Any Man.

Today, some women are scared of getting into a relationship because of the hard break-up. While others don't know the intention of the man, whether it is genius or not. And they are right. So as a woman, it is very important you check and think very well before getting into any relationship. It is advisable you think every well as a woman before accepting any man as your partner.

It is also important as a woman that before having romantic feelings for a man or having an intercourse with any man, there are certain questions you have to ask yourself to know if you're going about it the right way. So you don't regret your action later or waste your time in the name or relationship.

1. Do you love him, are you attracted to him? Or it is because you're bored and need someone to talk to or someone who can be by your side. As a woman, it is important you don't force yourself on a man just because he is wealthy or financially capable. You should ask yourself if you truly love him.

2. You should also ask yourself if you get pregnant for him during this process. Can he accept you, or he is going to deny you? As a woman, it is very important to know if he would take the responsibility or whether he is going to just run away. Secondly, is he going to accept he is the father?

3. It is important to know if he is ready for marriage, or whether he will talk about the future with you. Or you're just friends doing things that are meant for married couples. When you get the answer to this question. It will help you to know where the relationship is heading to. So you don't keep wasting your time for something that is not worth it.

4. What if you get pregnant in the act, or before he married you? Can you face the embarrassing that might come with it? No family will be proud of their daughter getting pregnant without a father, or without getting married. So you have to think about it.

5. What if he denied and rejected you with the pregnancy, or told you he was not ready to be a father yet? That you should go for an abortion. Can you take that risk? Remember that abortion is not an option because your life and womb are completely at risk. Is it worth it? Be very sure of the kind of person he is before having to do anything with him, so you don't end up regretting later.

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