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Husband and wife relationship

My husband should stop doing this to me every night- Wife begs

Not every lady likes what their husbands have been doing to them every night but they can not say it.

Some have been very quiet but are not enjoying that act by their husbands in their marriage so they are quietly suffering.

And nowadays too many things have changed so how people handle their wives should also change.

This married woman revealed this in a recent Instagram post.

Her problem is with her husband, and she stated in her post that she is married to a very loving and caring husband, but that he can't sleep without holding her tight, which makes her feel very uncomfortable.

She shared her story in order to get ideas and also some help from social media users.

Her story was;

“Hello BOM, I seriously need your help, I’m married to a loving and caring husband, He’s so good that I couldn’t ask for more, but the problem is, my husband can’t sleep without holding me very tight or even sleeping on me which is always very uncomfortable for me, most times I actually wait for him to fall asleep so I can adjust and sleep, I tried to explain to him once but he felt like I was avoiding him but its honestly so uncomfortable for me

Please how do I explain to my husband that I don’t feel comfortable when our body touched eachother when we’re about to sleep….. Please I need your advice”

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