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Is It Always About Money? Meet The Couples Who Have Got People Thinking They Have No Love Chemistry

Many people have a perception about love being diluted in these current times. Maybe their thoughts are actually true because comparing this generation to the past generations, you get to see that there is a wide difference in terms of how they valued love. The people of old really gave a high value to love and loved with all their heart unlike this generation which many people tend to be smart with matters concerning love. I do ask myself that is it really love?

In these times, many people claim they love people just because of some benefits they would get from them. I think material benefits shouldn't be the basis for which a person has to move to another person of a different gender and tell them that they want to spend the rest of their lives with them. This is because of the fact that material things can get lost as time goes on. These things are never guaranteed to be there forever, just like beauty, they do fade.

Money shouldn't be the reason why you have to go into a relationship. Imagine being in a relationship where you don't have a little bit of love for your partner but just play along for the sake of getting money from them. That is never going to make you happy in such a relationship and trust me, money can do many things but not all things.

This article is going to be centered on some relationships which got the core of the internet trembling right after they got viral. These relationships raised many controversies about the girls being after money and not love. People had been seen that looking at the respective partners of the ladies over here, there is no degree of compatibility between them and therefore, there is more to these relationships. I guess you know what I mean when I talk about there being more to these relationships, there is the factor of money driving its existence.

I got a few pictures regarding such relationships over here. Let's take a critical look at them below.

In my opinion, this could be true love and therefore the assumptions people are raising against these ladies are never going to stand in my sight. As the saying goes, "one man's food is another man's poison", everybody has something which draws them closer to the love of their lives. Beauty has always and will always lie in the eyes of the beholder. The fact that you don't see the likelihood of being with someone doesn't mean no one should move to them. That is just not right.

For that reason, I think these ladies have a high affinity towards our fine gentlemen over here. The fact that a couple are not compatible in your sight doesn't mean one of them is chasing the other's material properties. Who knows? What if the guys did something for the ladies which they will never forget and therefore decided to work love with them over there? You never know and therefore maybe, it is always not necessary to judge or point hands at people in relationships.

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