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What Do Women Like In A Guy


Another huge quality most women like in a guy is a great sense of humor. In fact, women often say a good sense of humor is among the most attractive and sexy things in a man.

It makes every experience much more enjoyable and memorable. It lightens the mood when it’s necessary and lets you connect with one another significantly easier. Plus, it makes the whole attraction and seduction process smooth and enjoyable.

That’s why I always urge guys to learn how to make a girl laugh if they want to be successful in dating and relationships.

Granted, some women can be quite serious, so they’re not looking for a guy who jokes around all the time. But even serious women have a funny bone you can tickle, though it may take more time to get her to crack a smile and then laugh.

Looks fade, money comes and goes, and most things are fleeting. But humor is something that can remain forever a cornerstone of a great relationship.

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