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Husband and wife relationship

My wife is my hero; disability is not inability.

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A poor lame man heaps loads of praise on his wife for being his source of comfort. This man was born lame and has never walked before. He crawls. On top of that, he has hearing impairment. One need to shout into his ears to hear what they are saying.

He explains how his father used to take him to the hospital when he was alive. However, his condition never improved. After his father's demise, he was heart broken and felt helpless. Now he feels happy because a perfect and caring woman like his father has emerged.

When I first met my wife, everybody was against us. Lots of people ridiculed my wife wondering if she really wants to get married to me. However, despite criticisms and opposition from family members, we went against all odds and tied the knot.

Surprisingly, many of us thought true love doesn't exist anymore until I ran across this. After their marriage, the wife has been doing everything. She cooks, washes, and even goes to the farm. What is more surprising is how she shamelessly carries her husband at her back while keeping their only child at the front.

The wife also narrates the criticisms she's been receiving. Some say that I married my husband because of money. They accuse me of trying to acquire his possessions.

Regardless of anything, what matters in the end is true love. They are indeed the best couple the world has ever produced. The man says, "Disability is not inability."

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