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My mother-in-law happens to be my sugar mommy.

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With recent anonymous stories surfacing online, you will be shocked about what peoples are doing in secret. A young man recounted how her sugar mommy is stopping him from marrying his girlfriend because he was sleeping with the woman whiles he was in the university.

He made this shocking revelation on popular page on Facebook seeking for the audience opinion on how to deal with the situation. The story shocked a lot of fans, some gave him genuine solution on how to deal with the situation whiles others blasted him for committing such devilish act.

His story on the Facebook page reads ' I have this serious issue I want you and your fans to help me out. Abena, I have be going out with this girl for about six month now. Last two months I decided to meet her mum and unfortunately for me , her mum is someone I used to gnash her when I was in the university. Let's say my sugar mummy.

Now the problem is that my ex girlfriend which happens to be my fiancé mum is saying she won't allow me to get married and also, she is going to get me arrested If I try telling my girlfriend what transpired between us. She is saying she still loves me and won't allow that to happen. And if try anything silly she will get me arrested.

This woman is very rich and influential. I really love my girlfriend and I can't be without her. We are suppose to get married this year'. What is the best advice you will suggest to him. Make sure you share the story for your loved ones.

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