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Remove the mentality of cheating from your partner by doing these

Many couples end up facing disaster few years after marrying just because of the fact that they ignore some simple things. The surprising aspect of it all is that, they make these things their topmost priority when in relationships. They get to marry and the whole narrative changes.

This is because of the fact that they are made to believe marriage is the endpoint of every relationship and therefore, after marrying, they have nothing to do to make their partners stay. We do understand that marriage is different from dating but deciding not to do some things right in marriages can take you back to dating.

You are likely to face the dilemma of being divorced when you don't get one or two things right in your marriage and for this reason, it is important to maintain the standards which aids hold the marriage.

Sight can be a determining factor to the breakdown of one's marriage. One may ask how sight contributes to that. Well, men are mostly moved by what they see and therefore, they are likely to be drawn towards attractive things. The attractive clothes worn by other women can pull your husband away from you without you pulling up a notice.

For this reason, it is expected of married women to play the role of being "bad" when at home with their husbands.

I know some women will claim they are not bad and cannot portray being bad. You better do what will make you happy other than staying idle and seeing someone claim your husband from you. In this article, I am going to talk about things you should do when alone with your husband.

1. Make sure you wear clothes which will make your shapes prominent.

You don't always have to be in cloths as well as loose dresses which will mask the beautiful shape given to you. Let your husband know that he married the right person by flaunting the beautiful shapes before him

2. Never let the magical smile fade

Men are so obsessed with positivity and therefore putting on a frown will only drive them away. As a wife or a girlfriend, you must make sure that you bombard your man with magical smiles which will keep them glued to you.

3. Don't forget to flaunt the beautiful melons

Men get deeply drowned in thought when they see those beautiful towers on display. They will forever be yours when you get to let them see them over and over again. Please don't cover them when alone with your man

4. Wear attractive clothes

You don't always have to wear straight dresses and also, decent clothes. We understand you may be the decent and shy type but when alone with him at home, try to be naughty for him

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