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Lady Shares Story Of How Her Mother Used Juju To Help Her Destroy Her Best Friend's Marriage

Human beings are a very dangerous species and very unpredictable. It appears that we have more to fear from human beings than even the devil.

People we call friends can hurt us in unimaginable ways because we trust them and as a result, we share our vulnerabilities and strengths with them. Hence, they know where to hurt us when they want to. A very sad story of a disastrous friendship caused a young woman a happy marriage and her baby.

A confession made by the woman's friend revealed that out of jealousy she consulted her mother who is a witch to assist her to destroy her friend's happiness.

The woman explained that she was jealous because a man she rejected based on appearance ended up with her best friend and the guy was well to do. She divulged that the treatment her friend was receiving from the man was heavenly hence she plotted to terminate or destroy the relationship. Therefore, she decided to throw herself at the man but the nobleman rejected the offer. When her physical attempt failed, she decided to go spiritual by consulting her mother who gave her some concoction that terminated her friend's pregnancy after she mixed it with a drink.

She thought that would ruin the relationship but it didn't work so she persisted with one last spiritual scheme which worked to perfection. The guy started avoiding her friend for no reason and they finally broke up. 

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