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Five things ladies need to know before you start romantic relationship.

 Here are five things you should know and understand before you start dating.  Wether you about to start the dating process or your first relationship doesn't work and you are contemplating on venturing into another one,then this five keys can be of help to you.

 Difference between dating and marriage.

One thing that is causing a lot of breakups is the inadequate knowledge of being in a romantic relationship that is aiming at marriage and marriage itself.Lack of proper understanding of what ever you do is as dangerous as given your car keys to someone who is not a driver to drive you home in the night on a highway. During dating you are to study your partner to not assume responsibility as his wife. Your body is not yet his,it's for your husband. Men are patient if they respect yourself by keeping your body away from them.

   You are ready to take care of yourself.

 Most ladies enter into romantic relationships because they are in search of someone to pay their bills and fix them up. Before you venture into a relationship,your focus should not be your needs will now be the responsibility of your boyfriend. When you laid of your needs on him,it may pissed men off. You start sending him your bills to pay for you, he will definitely think you are in the relationship because you want to satisfied your needs and this a sort of insecurity for him.Have a work doing before venturing into any romantic relationship.

   You are ready for marriage.

Romantic relationships are matters of the heart and time.Time spent cannot be recovered therefore don't start a romantic relationship when you aware that you not ready to get marriage in a shortest possible time.  

Do not waste time for anyone and then later tell them you are not ready for marriage so if they want to get marriage as early as they want ,they can go for another lady is not a sign of maturity. Relationship is for martured ladies.

     Know what you want.

When you think you are ready to have a relationship with a man,know your preference.

Always set your standard on who you want and how you want to be treated.You standard is what detemine your attitude and how your prospective partner will see and value you.

    Do not rush into romantic relationship.

Issues about relationships are very technical and must be handle with a lot of patience and wisdom. You need time to be able to study your partner to understand his uniqueness. You need to have knowledge about his strength and weakness and this requires much time and patience. Rushing into relationship may not allowed you to clearly see wether he wants to take advantage of you or he needs you in his future.when you relax and take your time in entering into love affair is an indication to the man that you know what you really want.

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