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3 Types Of Friends You Need In Your Life To Be Successful.

A friend is a person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. A friend is someone you can trust and share ideas with. But we have some friends you can't trust or share ideas with. Some friends don't want to know about your ideas or don't care about that. This type of friendship is called "friend enemy." But we have friends who help or support your ideas. They are friends who want to see their fellow friends succeed. This is the type of friend I'm going to share with you guys in my article.

1.The Loyal Friends

This is the type of friend who will be at your side even when you are broke. They support you all the time, no matter what. They don't just come around you just to enjoy what you have and then leave.

2. The Listener.

This is the type of friend who has time to listen to your problems. A friend that you can go to when you have a lot on your mind that you want him/her to listen to. He might be busy, but he still managed to listen to whatever you wanted to tell him/her. This type of friend will listen to you and, if it is possible, he will leave his opinion.

3. The wise friends.

This is the type of friend you can go to when you are searching for some advice or direction. They are the types of friends who know how to solve problems and share their experience. They always know the right thing to say at the right time. And most of these types of friends are usually older than you.

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