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Dreamt Of Being Chased? Here Is What It Means

One of the most common experiences faced by both men and women alike is that of being chased by something or somebody. This may reflect a problem or a person that you are avoiding in real life. There may be an issue in your life which you are subconsciously steering clear of rather than confronting head on.

Sometimes this type of dream can be inspired by a fear of failure in your waking life. Running away from danger is a primordial instinct, but sometimes we need to face up to our pursuers in order to avoid the same thing happening indefinitely.

Real World Action: If a person is chasing you in your dreams, try to focus on what they look like and whether it reminds you of anybody in your waking life. Is there a relationship which is causing you stress? Maybe a problem you have with your boss, your mother or partner which needs to be resolved and cannot be avoided any further.

If you cannot see who or what is chasing you in your dreams then it may refer to an issue which has not become clear to you yet. Try to think about what causes stress in your life, and what you can do to resolve the problem.

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