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Keep Your Manhood Away From Your Girlfriend's Mouth During Intimacy - Ajagrajah Tells Zion

Ben Asiamah who is popularly known as Ajagrajah has appeared in another interview with Zion Felix and the information he had to share was very intriguing.

"Be careful of The Things You Say During Love Making"

Ben Asiamah first cautions Ghanaians to be careful of the things they utter or accept during times of intimacy especially when the partner you're involved with is only your boy/girlfriend or it's a casual affair.

He explains that during intimacy, partners say all kinds of things to each other and they blindly and foolishly accept or agree to the statements, meanwhile, those statements can bind them spiritually.

Cautions Against Oral Where Speaking Is Involved

Ben Asiamah Warns that men especially should stay away from receiving orals during intimacy as they will end up spiritually bound to the lady if she holds it and speaks to it especially when the lady declares that the Manhood is hers and no one else's.

He adds that such utterance will work whether the lady said it intentionally or unknowingly and that it is even more effective after the lady taps the Manhood on her cheek try times.

He goes on to explain that the effects that act would have on the man are that no matter what, he would end up returning to the lady or ladies (in the case where the man has multiple partners). He adds that the effects are so potent that his marriage is likely to collapse.

How To Prevent This

Ben Asiamah reveals that those who have already allowed this to happen to them during intimacy have to perform a cleansing bath which will remove such bonds.

He also advised that to prevent this from happening in the first place one should simply keep their private parts away from the mouth of their partners.


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Ajagrajah Ben Asiamah Ghanaians


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