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Four Importance Of Involving The Family In Customary Marriage

In this era some people do give people contracts to present as their parents when going to marry. But there are times it is not helpful when you avoid your family members in your customary marriage. 

Customary marriage is the most common and well-recognized form of marriage. Customary marriage is the basis of all forms of marriage in Ghana. This precedes any other form of marriage and involves both parents and families of the couple. The consent of both families is considered. 

Here are some four importance of involving the family in customary marriage.


Involving family members in customary marriage brings unity between the two family members. It therefore helps to bring about closer ties and good relations and help to solidify the marriage. This helps to bring peace in the marriage when there is any problem between the couple.

It also enables both families and the couples to know much about the background of each other and helps them know how to relate and care for each other and to give support when the need arises.


However, involving family members makes the couple and their children recognized. It gives the qualifications to the children to inherit their parents. A lot so qualifies the children to be elected to be chiefs where they are members of the royal family and use the names and titles of the family.


Moreover, family members become aware of marriage and the person whom their son or daughter is married to and also know whom to contact when a problem arises in the marriage. 

 To add this, it gives full acceptance of the marriage as both families give their full consent to marriage. It also prevents the family members, especially the family of the woman from accepting any other bride from any other man when there is no official divorce of the marriage.


Finally, it gives an opportunity for support and encouragement to the couple and their families and to give assistance to any of them in times of trouble and need.

 For instance, when there is a party, outdoor in or when a member dies in a family, the other family members go to help in fetching water, cooking, serving visitors and give donations.

 These are one of the many importance to one involving the family in customary marriage.  Thanks so much for reading. Please comment, share and follow for more lovey articles.

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