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3 Benefits Of Having Fewer Friends

Some people say having lots of friends is better because the network will widely spread, whereas stick to a fewer friend is viewed in a negative way. But actually, people are better off with fewer friends. Here are the reasons.

1. It’s determined by quality, not quantity.

We should not feel proud to have dozens of friends. The most important is we are comfortable with good quality ones. Good friends are more valuable as they are always by our side when we are in need. Surrounded by people who really love and accept who we are is a blessing.

2. Having less conflict.

A few friends who really appreciate yourself and have similar personality will make our life easier. No drama and conflict in our inner circle. Hanging out with fewer people whom we believe is better than having lots of friends yet a backstabbing.

3. Getting more time for other activities.

Making friends means spending more time to hang out or a date. With fewer friends, we can allocate time for other useful things, for example, enjoy a hobby or bond closer to the family.

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