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How do You Know if Someone Likes You?

There is a novel, The Secret, which narrates that when someone likes you or loves you, some waves are generated by their body, and the one who is loved will feel the energy transfer, called the Law Of Attraction. 

If you observe them, there are several signs:

Instead of their old mates, they'll be trying to spend more time with you. 

They're getting more useful. 

They're going to start using it if you just unintentionally chat about what you like. 

If you want to talk about something, they're conveniently accessible to you. 

When you converse, they always smile.

They're trying to convince you that they're just too kind. 

They look at your mouth, or eyes, while you are talking. 

There is a wave or a light in their eyes as you smile. 

When you are around them, you feel good vibes. 

They're going to take care of the little things about you that are not seen by most.

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Law Of Attraction. The Secret


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