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Bad Advice: 3 Myths About How To Get A Girl. You Don't Have To Follow Those Myths

Especially if you are a beginner and are not yet very familiar with seduction, you have to be very careful about what you read on the subject and the sources you follow. Around the internet you can find everything and the opposite of everything and many people pretend to be "obidi" of anything just to make some money, but maybe they have never made a cold approach in their life. I want to warn you because unfortunately I also fell for it at the beginning. 

I was not born with great skills as a seducer, everything I know I learned with experience, not innate qualities. When I was starting out, I studied everything that happened to me on the subject and I often took for good techniques and advice that, with the knowledge I now have on the subject, I realize that it was real nonsense.The problem is that when you are inexperienced, you don't have the skills to tell if advice is good or bad. That's why I'm warning you now, hoping to avoid the mistakes I made.

Here are some of the main "myths" circulating on the internet:

1. You have to be confident.

The most common of all the "harmful" advice that you can find and that practically everyone tells you is this: "When you approach you must be confident, you must not appear shy or insecure, you must have a high energy level and give the you feel like you don't care about being rejected." This is the advice you must follow if you want to hate seduction and be sure of being rejected. If a self confident person approaches by showing self assurance that's fine, that's the ideal situation.

The problem is that if you are confident and not afraid to approach you don't need these tips and you probably wouldn't even be here reading articles on how to approach a girl. If you are a shy and insecure type and you approach a girl pretending to be sure of yourself, do you know what happens?

It happens that you are incongruous . The girl will notice that there is something wrong with you, that you are not sincere. You're flaunting a confidence you don't have. Have you ever talked to a person who gives you the impression that something is wrong, that does not inspire confidence? Maybe you don't quite understand what it is, but you know that you don't like something about him? Well, that's what the girl feels if you approach inconsistently, so be prepared for a resounding rejection.

2. You don't have to show interest.

Proponents of the indirect approach argue that you don't have to show interest in the girl, because if she realizes you're trying, she gets defensive and the game gets harder. In Ghana, a girl thinks that you are trying even if you just look at her, imagine if you talk to her. It only makes things more difficult for you because the girl is disoriented, she doesn't understand what you really want and again you risk being incongruent.

3. Learn some pick up lines and use them.

The approach must never be something banal and obvious, it must be something that comes from within, something sincere. Prepare yourself some sentences at home to parrot to all those you meet, hoping that one in a hundred bites, does not work for the simple reason that it throws one of those that are the fundamental characteristics of an approach.

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