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Laughter is the best medicine

These are a few jokes I gathered and trust will make your day

1. Wife:- Am already 58 and one of your friends still finds me attractive.

HUSBAND:- it must be Vincent.

WIFE:- yes, how did you know?

HUSBAND:- Because he deals in scrap metal

2. I was invited to a wedding, when i reached the hotel, i found two doors written

1 . bride relatives

2. Groom relatives

*I entered the one written groom relatives and found two more doors

1. ladies

2. men

I went through the one for men only to find two more doors

1 . people with gifts

2. people without gift

I went through the one written people without gifts and found myself outside the hotel through the back door.

At the door it was written

"So in this time of hard economy, you want to just come, eat and drink without any gift, no way"

3. So that medicine of headache goes to the stomach to do what there?

4. Real virgins start crying the moment you lock the door...But these Hiroshima and Nagasaki war veterans will just smile and hold it like a microphone

5. Sunday school teachers will never tell you that you are ugly but they will wait for a church drama and they will make you take on the role of Satan.

6. Physics is a total waste of time, how can you find volume without speakers and find speed while you are sitting in the class room

7. The shortest conversation in the world is when you are in the toilet and someone opens the door!!

You: Ah

The Person: Oh

8. Geography students please,

What is the name of the star we see after receiving a hot slap?

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