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Do This If Your Classmate Is Crushing On You

Since it’s your classmate who has crush on you, things could be very awkward between you two. Moreover when you have to see him in almost all your class you take. Truthfully, you still haven't find the reasons Why You Should Date Best Friend, and trying to tell them about it. Here are the things you should do to deal with it rightly.

1.Be true to what you feel. When you don't reciprocate their feeling, you shouldn't be pretend like you do. When you don't like someone don't force yourself and pretend you like them. Tell them the truth. Like wise when you like them, let them know too.

2.Decrease the communication with them to avoid false hope. Although you reply for their text out for nothing, they can't help but to expect more.If you continue frequently communicating with them they will think you love them. Do this for your own good. But if you think you like them then you should do the opposite.

3.Avoid the one-on-one meeting under any circumstances. It better to hang out in group so that you don't have to be alone with them all the time. It helps to reduce the awkwardness

4.Reconsider your feeling. At first you may don't like them because of the awkwardness, but you need to rethink about your feeling. It's not actually that bad to date your own classmate.

5.Try not to hurt their feeling by explaining and making them understand why you can't be together with them. If you don't like them, you don't need to force yourself too. But if you like them too then no need to explain nothing.

These are few things to do if you find out your classmate is crushing on you. Do this to deal with them the right way to avoid ruining your friendship.

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