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The Secret Recipe For A Healthy Romantic Relationship

In a healthy romantic relationship, there are always some basic ingredients. Here is the secret recipe for a great relationship

1. Lots of communication

That's the base. In love, there must be room to say what we feel, to listen and to feel that the other is listening to us, even in difficult times.

2. A good dose of commitment

If you are important to each other, if you find time to be together and if you share the same vision of the couple, it is a good sign.

3. A large cup of confidence

Confidence is built little by little. In a great relationship, you feel more and more comfortable with the other, more and more able to be yourself. You know you can count on the person, and that they can count on you.

4. A big pinch of balance

As a couple, there should be room for the projects, ideas, needs and expectations of both people. The partners feel equally important to each other in the couple, and each can make decisions.

5. A touch of magic

Love, humor, sharing, harmony, complicity… Love is revealed every day through a host of small gestures of respect and tenderness. Each couple is unique

And you, do you find these ingredients in your relationship? Do the people around you have healthy relationships? If you have any questions, discuss them with a friend, an adult you trust.

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