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Make Your Woman Know She Means The World To You By Doing The Following

So we all read the articles on how to "Make her Happy," and to "Keep her for life." But have you ever thought of how to show her that she means the world to you? We as women, often hear "I love you" a lot, and adore it. But what we want is to be shown that we are adored, as women, but also as individuals. No hate when this is stated, but sometimes men forget to treat us with the utmost love. They don't do everything that we fell in love with at the beginning, and all we have now is a guy who became comfortable with us and thinks that we aren't going anywhere. Well here's some help for you guys to show her that she DOES mean the world to you!


1. The little things mean a lot. Most men don't get this concept, most think that women want the biggest and baddest things, which some do. However, most women love to be told how much you love them through small gestures. Some ideas are a handwritten card, a few roses, an unexpected phone call just to check up on us, or just a simple text saying that you were thinking of us. Those things make women feel like they have the best man in the world.

2. Don't put your guy friends above your lady. Yes, you deserve to have your own time to spend with the guys, but women feel forgotten and unimportant when you decide to spend her time with your guys. Make time with your guys BUT let your lady know far ahead in advance so she feels like you remembered her as well.

3. When you're hurt, let her fix it. Women are natural born fixers. They magically heal the little boy's scrapes and bruises with a single kiss, and the cut finger with a simple band aid and hug. Females have this magical ability to take what is hurt, and broken, and put it back together. But guys, the longer you wait to let her fix it, the more she feels incompetent because she's made to do things like this.

4. Don't always stay at home. Take your woman out on a date, and don't always ask. When you start to ask her and let her decide all the time, it takes the romantic feelings out of the date.

5. Women LOVE surprises. Females love to have their guy do things without them having to ask and hint multiple times. They love it when guys take the lead and don't always have to be asked or told.

6. Women don't like to feel used. Here's the Raw in this sentence: Guys tend to make women do things for them sometimes and then get busy and forget about that woman. It's a big no-no. Women want to be kept and remembered. Not do something for their man because he begs, and then to be given just a smudge of time later. In a relationship, a woman needs to feel equal and expect their man to treat them the same.

7. Tell her you love her. Women think that the word 'Love' is more than you wanting sex, or you just saying it. Simple ways of telling her that she's beautiful -not cute because that's reserved for pre-teens- or holding her close, showing ways that you're thinking of her, will give her more than one reason to know that she is loved.

8. Last but not least, don't forget how fragile your woman is. Sometimes women may act like they're tough on the inside and out, but everyone has their weaknesses. Their hearts are fragile and they take things to heart. They're emotional which sometimes comes off as being dramatic, when actually they're only doing what they know best on how to express their feelings. Simple harsh words to a woman can make or break her. When you ignore a woman, it can break her hope in you. Our trust can easily be given, and then never be shown again. Yes, guys are fragile in their own ways too, but females were made in a way that a man cannot know. So guys, treat your woman like it's the last day on earth you have to spend alive with her.

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