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Funny Jokes To Keep You Happy For The Day

That awkward moment when you can remember over 100 songs. But can't remember 25 biology definitions.

I feel like a celebrity when passengers are looking for one more person for the Bus to be full, then Boom I show up.

If you find yourself served with spaghetti in ur dream don't eat it. Yesterday I chewed my earpiece.

Marry A Man With No Teeth, He Will Never Smile At Another Lady. Follow Me For More Marriage Advice. What are we friends for?

Nobody cheat like a guy who always say The Problem is that you don't Trust Me

Being single is not easy. Sometimes I throw a pillow at my self, and be like 'baby stop, am tired

Babe Am Coming, Can You Please Delete All The Messages That Can Make Us Fight. Ladies Is That Difficult To Say?

I tried acting rich today so I withdrew Ghc500 from my momo account and sprayed it on myself. Now I can't find Ghc50.

Men don't cheat, they just want to know the difference between Portia and Irene. Guys, is the volume ok?

Assuming am falling down and I mistakenly hold your breast to support myself, what will u do?

Women are very interesting human beings. A woman cries and still stares at the mirror to confirm if she's crying beautifully.

Even girls that use iron bucket to bath will be like Baby call me back later, I want to shower.

No matter how drunk, sick, depressed or heart broken a girl is, she will never give out a wrong mobile money number.

20 years from now, some girls would be like My child, it all started when your father liked and commented on my pics on Facebook

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Man With No Teeth


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