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Husband and wife relationship

Social Media Buzzing - Man Refuse To Kiss His Wife On Their Wedding Day

A newly wedded groom almost ruined what should’ve been blissful day for himself and his wife after he declined to yield when his wife gestured to kiss him. Naturally, a couple kisses after being announced husband and wife on their wedding day, however this groom was not having it.

In the video going viral on social media, the bride tried all she could to lock lips with his newly wedded husband but the groom out of shyness pushed her away. In the video, the Pastor is seen telling the recently married couple to kiss but the groom repeatedly refuses when the wife tries to kiss him.

Although the wife made several attempts he refused to succumb and pushed her away leaving the wife embarrassed.

The man, at his wedding ceremony refused to seal the union with a kiss from his bride.

He turned away his face and pushed her when the woman made a move to kiss him. The embarrassed bride however took it in good faith laughing the event away.

The undefeated Social Media Users commentators were already on the story with some suggesting that the marriage was not going to last while others said the man must have cheated on the wife the night before the marriage.

“@lovelybaegh7:Is the Rev Father looking for me”

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