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Single Mother Goes Viral While Dancing At A Masquerading Carnival.

With about 24 hours to go before the bday the young men and women who are in Western Region doing the fancy dresses work, so far made more than 1,200 fancy dresses. The job is tiding and at this point some of them catch some sleep before the coronavirus.

In an interview with a man by the name Arthur he, claimed to be the one in charge of the Fancy Dress Company being that he takes money for staffs and works as an accountant. The masquerading club comprises a newly employed fishmonger, a mother-of-one by name, Mami Afua.

Arthur's children do not like the carnival to bypass them without attending and for that reason they always do everything possible to make their father, let them go in their fashion dresses. He has a 4-years-old son by the name Jojo. He's one of the notorious sons who always make everything possible to go to the carnival whenever the time is due every year.

Mami Afua took the internet by surprise in a dance move she made during the carnival. Although she carried her child at the back doing the carnival, she still shook her body and made great dance moves which went viral across the media.

In an interview with Mami Afua, she said, she is a single parent that is why when she goes out for outcast she carries the daughter with her, she added that, she wanted her daughter to take after her in the fashion and dressing with reasons being that, when she is no more, she too can take up from where she has left so that she too can take the Legacy to her children.

Takoradi's fancy outing on Christmas is a big deal with over 40 clubs each with the membership averaging of thousands warring onto the street.

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