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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Spicy Habits To Develop To Make Women Chase You

Making women chase you seems to be totally unimaginable. Many guys are still daydreaming if it is possible to trigger the instinctive attraction in a woman to follow you. Yes, it is totally possible since women are normal human being just as you are. Being able to convince them to become a whole package for you needs skills, practice and constant dedication. Well, you might be feeling shy because you lack the confidence to walk up to a woman and propose.

You can actually do better more than you can think if you're ready to play the cards well. Here are some spicy habit you can develop to actually make a woman fall for you and see you as the prize. 

1. Smell Good 

Women indeed have a thing for guys who dress fashionably and smell good. You don't need to be rich to smell good. I've come into contact with several women who fell for me just because of how I smell good. Take very good care of your skin by using the right lotion or skin care. Also, your teeth really speaks very well of you if you want to attract more women. You can visit the dentist for teeth whitening to make you look more handsome and attractive. 

2. Talk Politely 

It is very interesting to know that the way you talk to a woman would either make her have interest in you or not. Speak gently when talking to a woman since they are softhearted. You could be the Mr. Right that fits her subconsciousness image of an ideal man if you willing to put in the work required. 

3. Don't Feel Needy 

Feeling needy is the version of a fake nice guy and that shouldn't be named among an alpha male. Most guys try to win the heart of their crush by trying to impress her. Women dislikes guy whose actions are centered on attracting and making more female friends. Alpha males don't do that. They rather focus on building their lives and making an attractive income. Become the best version of yourself because it is better you leave the surface of the earth original than a copy. 

Thanks for reading. Kindly follow honeylovebird to learn more mind games in attracting the woman of your dreams. Everything is possible if you have confidence and believe in yourself. 

Content created and supplied by: HoneyLoveBird (via Opera News )

Smell Good


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