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"Make Women Chase You" - 3 Rules Every Alpha Male Should Live By

The life of an Alpha Male is the one which is desired by all ages ranging from the youth to the adult men. They have authentic swag and spicy trick to completely seduce and make a woman fall in love with them. My life of Alpha Male has been skyrocketed to the utmost height. That can be you provided you follow "Make Women Chase You" guidance seriously in all articles. No matter how pretty, cute, gorgeous or red your bank account looks, you can have your dream girl. They all need a man who could be their Mr. Right that fits perfectly well in their ideal image of man.

Here are 3 rules every Alpha Male should live by if you want to be a key player on the field. 

1. Never Allow Anything Control Your Emotions 

Emotions in this context are really sceptical. Making a woman chase you normally lies in how strong you stand. Never let anything to control or takeover your emotions if you want to become a perfect alpha male. The moment you give in to let someone or something control your emotions, you lose power and fall like the walls or Jericho. 

2. Never Give In To Jealousy 

Jealousy can really pose as been equally as showing love to the one you care but it's not. That burning desire of jealousy in most people has made relationships land on a hard rock. Yes, as humans your envy as an Alpha Male may feel of another is normal but it shouldn't be noticed. Let the feeling of jealousy serves as a motivation to work harder on your skills and practices. 

3. Don't Go By Time, Just Hunt 

Alpha Males are always ready and prepared to strike or approach a woman. They don't have a perfect time to approach a woman. They don't go by the time of the fake nice guys. The realization that your success it destiny of making women to Chase you lies in you hands. You are the captain of your own destiny. Approach a woman because you want to make the best from the conversation.

Forget about shyness and approach casually without any intention of making for you instantly if you are a newbie in the game. 

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