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Lady sleeps with her boyfriend’s dad as a revenge for breaking her heart

There is this viral video that is causing so much traffic on social media recently. This video was cited by News@Large and we think it would be worth sharing with you guys.

This lady seen in this screenshot from a video was dating a guy called John. Upon research and investigations by [email protected], it was revealed that the boyfriend break up with the girl just a week ago because of reasons best known to him alone.

The lady also thought of hurting the guy in some way and the only way that came into her mind is to sleep with the guys dad. The lady also went ahead to approach her guy’s dad and upon thorough discussion, John’s dad decided to sleep with her. There is no way one would ever reject a beautiful girl like this😁.

The most annoying part of this video is that, after sleeping with her boy’s dad, she went on to wear the guys towel and did a video of it telling the guy that she is wearing his towel so there is nothing he can do to her.

Whom are we going to blame for this bad attitude that the girl puts on? Is it the guy or his dad?

I want your take on this please.

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Below is the link for the video on Instagram.


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