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Husband and wife relationship

I left my wife and traveled abroad and when I returned, our toilet was choked with used condoms.

Traveling abroad has always been the dream of the average African. Most of these trips abroad are meant for business and educational purposes whilst very few of them are meant to release stress. Though some of these travels end successfully, others end in broken hearts.

According to the man who wants his identity to be hidden, found out that the toilet meant for him and his wife was choked up with used condoms. He got to realize this when he invited their plumber for a general maintenance their house.

"Pls hide my identity

After I spent two years abroad leaving my wife in Nigeria and I returned, I decided to invite our plumber for a general maintenance of our house. The plumber now approached me with a bunch of condoms being the reason for the blockage of the toilet pipe.

As the husband what should be your reaction."

He however started that their seven-year-old marriage is blessed with a five-year-old daughter. And all these years, he never suspected his wife of being unfaithful until this happens. And so what ever decision he makes now concerning his marriage will have either a positive or negative effect on their child.

It is important to note that the human body is not firewood and so has feelings especially for the opposite sex but it is also disgusting to have a wife that will not be faithful to her husband especially when the husband is trying his best to make the marriage flourish.

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