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Why do we have line in our hands? Check it out here.

Are you aware that some parts of the body and characteristics on your body give a lot of ideas about you than you can think of? For example, the distance from your wrist to your elbow is the same as the distance of your foot. If you do not agree, you can try and find out by yourself. But there is a different agenda for this article

Have you ever thought about why there are lines in the palms of our hands? And do you know they have names for each? These lines say a lot about you than you can imagine.

At the end of this article, you'll know the names and meaning of each line in your palms.

There are five main lines on the palm: the life line, heart line, money line, head line, and marriage line. Different lines have different characteristics. 

Let’s check out the meaning of these lines.

The Heart Line

Also known as the love line or heaven line, this line indicates what type of relationships and amorous connections you will get in your life, both with yourself and others. It’s the first line located under the fingers.

If you have a long, straight line, you’re said to be a rational thinker who always considers other people’s feelings.

If it is short and straight, you need your personal freedom and portray your love via actions more than words.

If you have a long, curved line you are said to be very passionate and driven.

short and curved you are reserved and prefer small groups to big ones.

If it splits in two, you may have a tendency to put other people’s needs before your own. A fractured line may suggest multiple partners or infidelity.

The Head Line

Also called the wisdom line, this line reveals your intellectual curiosities and pursuits. Located in the centre of the palm, this middle line can also show what you need to learn in this lifetime. 

A short line shows that you are a fast thinker and come to conclusions quickly.

A long, straight one (extending across the palm to the little finger), suggests that you tend to analyse things and mull over decisions for a long time.

A line that splits in two suggests that you can easily see other people’s points of view and that you may change your own opinion frequently.

A long, curved line (running down to the bottom corner of the palm) suggests that you’re a creative thinker who can imagine many possible outcomes. If your line forms a fork at the end, this is known as the “writer’s fork” and shows that you may have a natural talent for writing.

The Money Line

Also known as the career or destiny line, this one is said to change the most throughout our lifetimes (in as little as 3 months). It starts near the base of the wrist and goes directly up towards the fingers, extending further up the palm as you get older. It dictates the degree to which things will happen to us that are outside of our control.

The Marriage Line

This line is located under the little finger on the side of the hand parallel above the heart line, sometimes called the affection or relationship line, this line is usually short and faint. If it makes it onto the palm, it suggests that you will have a long marriage, each line representing an individual relationship. If broken it suggests divorce or separation.

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