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5 Things You Should Not Tell Your Boyfriend If You Want Your Relationship To Last Long

There is no doubt that two people in a relationship should not keep each other secret and should always be honest with their partner, but there is one exception to this rule. If you really value and cherish your relationship, you should not tell your boyfriend the following things:


1. Don't tell your boyfriend about your attractive female friend.


Some female friends are "hot", and some girls like to brag about it to their boyfriends. This does not mean that you really like their new look; on the contrary, it will send an indirect message to the person you are dating and let him see them.


2. Before he comes, don't tell him how bad your life is.

If you tell a man you are dating how messy your life is before you meet him, he may have negative emotions towards you. If you tell him that you have had an abortion several times before you meet him, he may think that you will never have children again.


If he is a bad person, he may start to think about how to use you and get rid of you, making you more sad.


3. Don't tell him that you despise his ex-girlfriend.


If your ex offends you and you still hold grudges against him, don't tell your current boyfriend how much you hate him.


If you keep asking questions about how your ex treated you, your current boyfriend will be very scared. If things don’t go well, he will almost certainly appear on your hate list. "If we break up, she will tell another man about me like this," he might think in his heart.

4. Don't tell him how great your ex is when you are having fun.


While having fun, it is a bad idea to tell your current boyfriend how good your ex is, because he may think that if he doesn't meet your expectations, you will abandon him for another man. Another reason for not telling him is that he might misunderstand you as one of those girls who date for fun and want to do the same with him.


5. Don't tell him you will remain a virgin before getting married.


The truth is, telling a man that you are a virgin may disappoint him and he may refuse to date you. If he finds out that you are a virgin, don't tell him. Unless you marry him, you will never lose it, because he may not want to stay. First, get to know him and become his friend, as long as you behave a little mature in front of him, so that he can respect you and your decision. You will be surprised at his acceptance of you and your choice.


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