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Can you help him save his relationship? This guy seriously needs help.

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I'm utterly confused about what a guy posted on social media seeking advice to save his drowning relationship.

" I have been dating for about half a decade now. I love my partner so much that I do virtually everything for her. She means so much to me, besides she is my world.

I feel empty and numb in her absence." Said the young man.

However, a sudden event happened that seemed to overturn the relationship.

"Admittedly, I'm at fault, he says. To begin, this guy in question says that after years of their relationship, their trust for each other keeps going down. "This is because we are more often apart than initially." He said.

" Because I wanted to protect our relationship, I try to monitor whatever my girlfriend does while she's away. How does he do it? He claims he has hacked her girlfriend's social media account so he can monitor everything she does on her phone. I read her messages on my phone at my end. Sometimes I listen to her calls."

As time progressed, my behavior towards her was bizarre and suspicious. Sometimes I phone her and my first question is, you've been chatting with Alex lately, what's going on between you both?

She often gets so frustrated, confused when I ask her questions like that.

One day, I opened up about how I managed to hack her account and link it to mine. She stood on the phone for hours and finally disconnected the line.

Since then I've been calling her every day but she's not picking my calls. From all indications, she's so furious that she doesn't want to hear about me.

She's blocked me on Facebook and WhatsApp. I know my actions were wrong, but now I need help. I'm so desperate.

Please I need your advice to secure my relationship. I don't want to lose her." He said.

Please guys what do you think this young man should do to revive his relationship. I'm sure your opinions will be like an antidote for him.

Thanks for reading.

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